Soho Domestic Cleaning Services

domestic cleaning londonThe domestic cleaning services we offer, located in Soho, are truly one of a kind. We are an entirely professional domestic cleaning company with diligent and specially trained employees.

Every week we provide around a hundred different household with our outstanding end-cleaning results.

Depending on your requests, we can carry out all sorts of cleaning chores instead of you. Whether you are too busy to deep-clean your kitchen or the drapes need to be cleaned and freshened, we are definitely the right people for them job. No matter the cleaning chore, we are more than happy to take it off your hands and prove our skills.

Domestic Cleaning Prices Soho

Domestic Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning£12 £11
One Off Cleaning £15 £13
Spring Cleaning £16 £14
After Builders Cleaning £16 £14

We are the only domestic cleaning service in that employs only real professional cleaners with years of experience in the field. All of them have been our loyal employees for more than 3 years straight and we built a trust that goes beyond employer-employee.

The cleaning technicians that will be carrying out the cleaning duties at your home will be properly dressed, uniformed and move around in a company vehicle, bearing our sigil.

Come home to a clean house unburden by the need to clean

domestic cleaning services londonThey are easily recognizable and not only look like professionals, but also perform like it. We have provided them with all the necessary equipment to leave your home fresh and sparkling clean.

All the materials and solutions being used during the cleaning process have been tested and proved effective as well as environment-friendly and earth-based.

“I have my home perfectly sanitised and deodorised thanks to your excellent domestic cleaning services. You are such a treasure, because you are reliable, diligent and immaculate in your job. I have no doubts that after your visit, my home will be shining with cleanliness. You also disinfect all the surfaces at home. Adorable! – Kate”

One of the features that makes our domestic cleaning unique in Soho is that we never miss a detail. We clean and then disinfect everything, thoroughly.

We can complete every single cleaning chore in your home and save you the time and energy. Additionally, we results we will achieve will be better in many ways, and the cleaning will surely last longer.

  • Teams of professionally trained technicians with years of experience
  • All the needed equipment required to a perform all kinds of cleanings
  • Environment-friendly cleaning materials and solutions for a healthy house environement
  • Free of charge before-cleaning estimate
  • Diligence and care from all our employees