There are a couple of certain important things that matter when you search to find the best cleaning company, you can afford. They are the prices, effectiveness, the right attitude of the employees, time spent on working. Our cleaning company offers not only this, but even more than that by providing a healthy cleaning for a safe environment. In today’s hectic everyday life it is not only important to be efficient bu also fast and quick, because like people say “Time is money”. We know that customers are valuable and that’s why we invest in our personnel. We are provided with the latest devices of cleaning technique, that ensure professional results. We constantly inform ourselves about the newest in technique and supply our staff with it. All the deep steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners support the work of our professionals. You can learn much from them by simply observe the cleaning procedure.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Flat from £139
Two Bedroom Flat from £165
Three Bedroom Flat from £189

Tidy Cleaners London Provides Variety of Cleaning Services


One thing we are very proud is our skilled staff with many years of cleaning experience. They can give you the advices you’ ll never obtain from your friends. The cleaning company’s friendly attitude will certainly charm you. You won’t need to clean many days after they finish and this will spare you many long and exhaustion hours of work. We know how important is to be up-to-date with the latest technology and cleaning materials and we provide our staff with it. The right tools and chemicals are chosen for minutes after seeing your premises by our housemaids.

They know how to clean every stain,mold and different bacterial accumulation. The preparations they apply are ecological and both non toxic for humans’ respiratory system and save for your pets. We are offering big discounts for more than one room and low prices for most of the cleaning services, provided by our team. You can check the list with the services and prices and convince yourself, that we are very accessible company, giving the opportunity for everyone to take advantage of our services.

Being good professionals our cleaning company’s staff spends less time on their everyday cleaning tasks than most firms you’ll find in the UK. Saving our customers’ time we enable them to do their everyday work, without bothering them. You won’t even feel their presence, while you do your everyday routine. We can be supervised during the cleaning process and consult you with different advices for keeping your house in a good condition. Our call center members are very polite, helpful and responsive to every need and problem.

They have the solution to every problem and will respond to all your inquiries. Contact us 24/7, every time you need an assistance. Book an appropriate time for you and wait for us to respond. By choosing our cleaning company you make the right decision, thus choosing quality, professionalism and competitive prices. There isn’t more well-trained and equipped staff in London than our. Shortly after contacting our call centers representatives, the cleaning company’s professionals will arrive at your address and start working. Don’t hesitate to call the numbers, listed in our web platform!