Builders Cleaning

Builders Cleaning

builders_cleaningOur company has been involved in the professional cleaning industry for many years. We offer a full range of services, including an excellent builders cleaning procedure. You can book this special service after a big renovation in your home or office. Our team will take care of all details and you will be able to enjoy the excellent results of their work for a long time. The prices of all of our professional procedures are affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money for the disinfection of your property after its renovation. Our superior builders cleaning services can be reserved in London and all areas of Greater London. Book us on the phone or by email, the choice is entirely yours.

Doing some improvements in the design of your house or work place is always a good idea. Dealing with the mess afterwards, however, is a very tedious job. Instead of losing hours in cleaning yourself, you can simply dial our agency’s phone number and save yourself all the troubles. We have a hard-working team and the best eco-friendly cleaning equipment. Our specialists will use it to erase all forms of pollution from the different premises of your real estate property.

It is best to leave the sanitation of your home in the hands of our experienced specialists. They know how to take care of all kinds of complicated problems, so that you can enjoy your dust- and dirt-free home without worrying about anything. The price we will ask you to pay for the performance of the builders cleaning service will be very reasonable too.

We know it is very time consuming for anyone to do the after builders cleaning on their own. It also requires a lot of effort and we are sure you would rather enjoy your freshly renovated space than spend a few days cleaning it. The fine dust and other debris left behind the construction worker can be very harmful to human beings. This is why special equipment is needed in order to properly clean the whole place. You don’t need to invest in expensive tools or equipment, nor do you have to spend all this time attempting to clean up the mess. You can just give us a call and rest assured everything will be done up to the highest standard.

  • We will clean all skirting boards, hard floors, door frames and window sills. Those particular areas are more delicate and suffer during the renovation process. We have the correct products to clean and polish them, without damaging the wood.
  • All shelves and other surfaces will be dusted and polished. Since there is a huge amount of dust and dirt flying around while constructions are being done, all of it ends up on top of your cupboards, shelves and other open surfaces in the room.
  • All appliances will be washed and left clean. Not only dust, but sometimes paint or concrete might end up on our home or kitchen appliances. We will make sure we clean all areas affected so that your home looks just like it did before.
  • All hard surfaces will be scrubbed and polished. All tiled floors and walls and other hard surfaces suffer a big amount of concrete, paint and grout being splashed on them. Do not worry, we will remove that and leave them clean and smooth.
  • All lights, fixtures and other decorations will be thoroughly cleaned and left spotless and safe for you to use.
  • All carpets, curtains and upholstery will be thoroughly cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner. This machine is more powerful than the regular domestic vacuum cleaner. It will ensure full removal of all dust and dirt that ended up on your upholstery or carpets. The construction dust is very fine and no matter how well you cover your upholstery, it will eventually find its way.
  • Last but not least, all floors will be properly vacuumed and mopped, ensuring perfect finishing results. You will be able to move back in and decorate straight away.

You won’t have to worry about your family’s health at all because the products our employees use don’t contain dangerous chemicals. You are free to make a reservation for one of our effective builders cleaning services by coming to Archway, N19 and Balham, SW12 or by giving us a call. Whenever you decide to contact us, we will be ready to help you.

Even if you have a tight budget after the expensive renovation of your real estate property, you can be sure that you will be able to take advantage of our top quality procedures.

We have been performing builders cleaning and a variety of other services in London and the other parts of London like Abbey Wood, SE2, Acton, W3 and Anerley, SE20 for many years. Our employees love a challenge and they will stay in your real estate property until they achieve the results you expect.

The benefits of working with us also include

  • Availability 7 days a week at a convenient for you time
  • Only biodegradable, non-toxic products used
  • All cleaners are professionals with attention to details
  • All tools and products used are included in the price
  • Honest evaluation of the work and no hidden costs
  • Full insurance on all employees and services
  • Office support available any time for your convenience
  • Flexible task list so you can receive all tasks you might need

Try the expert builders cleaning services of our company and you will have a sparkling clean home or office after only a couple of hours. Our specialists will inspect all parts of the disinfected place, so that they can be sure that all grime is removed.

Give us a call now and ask our office agents any questions you might have. They are absolutely capable of giving you detailed information about any service, advising you on a particular situation and giving you a free quote. Whenever you share some details about the particular task you have, they will pick the best cleaning team for you and send them over as soon as possible. Do not hesitate and let us take proper care of your home so you don’t have to!

You can call us at 020 3745 5856