Penge Domestic Cleaning Services

domestic cleaning londonWe know how much you value your property. Yet, your busy schedule doesn’t leave you enough free time to maintain its condition. Yet, you shouldn’t neglect the condition in your home – because it’s important for your health to live in a clean and disinfected place.

That’s why we offer to help you. We’re based in SE20 and we offer domestic cleaning services at appealing prices. You can book us for one-off domestic cleaning of your property, but that’s not all – we’re also able to assist you with pre/post party cleanings, move in/move out cleanings and we’re even trained to deliver after builders cleanings, too.

Our cleaning services aren’t designed to clean residential areas only – we also can assist your office or commercial building. You can book our domestic cleaning services in SE20. Choose us and you won’t regret it.

Domestic Cleaning Prices Penge

Domestic Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £19/h
One Off Cleaning £20/h
Spring Cleaning £20/h
After Builders Cleaning from £20/h

When you see that dust starts to accumulate on surfaces in your property and dirt begins to conquer your floors, then it’s time to contact us and book our domestic cleaning services.

We promise to make your home spotless in no time and we won’t cost you all your savings. In fact, we’re the professional cleaning company with the best performance-price ratios in Penge.

But the fact that our services are affordable doesn’t mean that our services are delivered poorly. On the contrary, our cleaning company is professional and our technicians’ abilities are improving every day.

Because knowledge is important

domestic cleaning services londonWe ask you to choose us to deliver a domestic cleaning in your property because we know how to clean. We’ve spent many years studying different kinds of stains and common (and not so common) household germs.

We’ve armed ourselves with professional machines and cleaning detergents and we promise to eliminate all stains and kill all bacteria and germs from every surface in your property.

You can book us at your convenience – we’re working throughout the week and also on bank holidays, too. We guarantee perfect results.

“I have been looking low and high for reputable domestic cleaning services and I booked yours. I would lie if I say that I am something less than impressed. You did an incredible cleaning, thorough and consistent. I am looking forward to recommending you to all my friends.- Victoria”

    Book us because:

    • Our equipment is out of this world
    • Our services are affordable
    • Our team is professional
    • Our word is our bond

    “My cupboard are clean at last! So is my entire kitchen counter! I have been trying for weeks to remove those stains and your guys did it in a heart-beat. I will definitely hire you to clean my bedroom and living room, which I have been doing planning to do for a while. Thank you for being so thorough and real! – Michelle”

    Facts About Penge

    This suburb in Southeast London is a home to a number of amusing attractions, green areas and notable residents like Bill Wyman, the bass guitarist of Rolling Stones and the famous painter Camille Pissarro. Looking back in history, one can see that Penge was just a modest town with a few houses and started developing with the arrival of the railways.

    During the Victorian era, the place was already a fashionable suburb in a close proximity to Crystal Palace. It was famous for housing two famous music halls – The Empire Theatre and The King’s Hall. Today, This pocket of London is a home to a number of public houses and pubs, among which the Bridge House, Queen Adelaide Arms and The Goldsmiths.

    There are also several Victorian houses with The Royal Watermen’s Almshouse being the oldest. Penge is well-connected with the rest of London. It is served by three rail stations and many bus routes.

    “I will definitely make room in my calendar for you special cleaning service! I had a party a few weeks ago and I didn’t have any time to clean the villa myself, luckily for me you are such a good cleaners. You cleaned it all out, the place looked cleaned than ever with the windows shined and curtains dusted off. – Rennie”

    “Making my house your main priority has been very rewarding indeed. I have been walking around a splendidly clean house all day long. The thought of being free of cleaning chores is also very soothing knowing that I no longer care for dusting and tidying around the place. – Vera”

    Let us relieve you of the cleaning chores in your home by undertaking them for you. We are capable of providing a different type of cleaning with an outstanding effect in all of Penge. All of our cleaners have long time experience with cleaning properties and treating different surfaces accordingly.

    Ease into your life, a life free of cleaning and dusting off- that is a calmed and less stressful life due to the lack of chores. Walking around a clean house and knowing you are free to do more important things rather than clean is a precious experience that you can buy from us.