Totteridge Domestic Cleaning Services

domestic cleaning londonIf your daily life is keeping you too occupied from keeping your home clean or you are just not capable of performing such tasks in the current time, then you could rely on us for help.

Our domestic cleaning service is your option to carry on with your priorities without having to worry about your home’s condition. The entire team who are working behind the service are professionals in the Totteridge field, they know how to make the client happy.

Domestic Cleaning Prices Totteridge

Domestic Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £19/h
One Off Cleaning £20/h
Spring Cleaning £20/h
After Builders Cleaning from £20/h

Like every business, we really on our clients. That is why we do everything we can to keep them constantly impressed.

When we get a call from a new client, the first thing we make sure to do is to introduce them to the service. The client needs to know how everything works and to be sure whether or not they would want to hire us.

If the client has questions about the domestic cleaning service or anything falling into the N20 area, we give them the answers that they need. It is our priority to insure that every single client is properly informed and is not paying for something that they don’t want.

Every client and member of our team is validated and respected

domestic cleaning services londonUpon arrival, the technician gets to work right away. They make sure to clean every square inch of the client’s home, from one end to the other and from top to bottom.

When it comes to work, our team is a group of perfectionists. They make sure to uphold our standards and leave the client impressed, satisfied and happy that they have come to us.

The cleaning products that our team uses are selected to be not only effective but also safe for the environment and health of or team.

    “First things first. Thank you! Your domestic cleaning services did an amazing performance at home. I did not believe my eyes. You are such professionals, every other company in town would turn green with envy. But you are the best and you will be the best.- Mel”

    • The client is not paying for the cleaning products and other consumables use by our team.
    • Our cleaning team has had to handled some scary challenges.
    • Every client receives equal quality service.
    • The client has the full service carried out to them for the price they pay in the beginning.

    “Extremely satisfied with your domestic cleaning. I am not able to maintain the house myself and your assistance is deeply appreciated. The maid is a lovely lady, who works with a positive can-do attitude every time. I won’t hesitate to recommend her services. – Frankie”

    Facts About Totteridge

    Once an English village, the Totteridge of today is a nice picturesque neighbourhood which will make you love it. The area is a mix of rural area and open spaces, so here you can have it both – the night life you love so much, and the quiet parks where you can relax.

    Totteridge’s north and east boundaries is defined by the river Dollis Brook, which is a tributary of the Brent river, whereas its south boundary is defined by the Folly Brook – again, a tributary of the Brent river. Totteridge is one of the most beautiful suburbs of the capital. Unveiled on March 26, 1922, Totteridge’s War Memorial is dedicated to 59 soldiers who gave their lives in the First World War and Second World War.

    My favourite restaurant in Totteridge is The Orange Tree which is a gastropub located near the St Andrew’s C Of E School.

    “After a disappointing experience with another cleaning company I had doubts your cleaners will do a fine job. The fellows were at home yesterday and now I can’t recommend them enough. They were very responsive and covered all areas on my to-do list. Great job. – Wendy”

    “I used your domestic cleaning this morning and now the house is gleaming. The cleaners did a great job in every room. They were using professional cleaning equipment and the result was wonderful. I wouldn’t achieve such level of cleanliness on my own. – Lucia”

    If you lead a busy life, chances are that your home does not really look its best. How do we know? Well, sadly, few people put keeping their home clean in their priority list. And this ultimately results to you living in a really dirty and cluttered place. Something which you definitely do not deserve.

    Let us help you keep your property in a good condition. We are a professional cleaning company working in Totteridge and we guarantee that if you choose us, the results will exceed all of your expectations. Our team can assist your singularly, and we also offer regular domestic cleaning services.