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    The renovation project in your home is finally over and now it is time for the big cleaning? Save your troubles and take advantage of our magnificent after builders cleaning services, available in the whole Hampstead. Our team of hard working and diligent cleaners will remove all building waste from your home just for a couple of hours, giving you time for more important things.

    Our company is in the cleaning business for a considerable amount of time already and thanks to our long experience, we know how to meet the requirements of every client and ensure the desired level of cleanliness. Give us a chance and we will surprise you with pristine cleaning results. Our customers deserve only the best service and this is what we give them.

    Magnificent after builders cleaning services in Hampstead

    after builders cleaning servicesOur company commands a team of highly motivated and experienced cleaning experts, who possess the requisite skills and expertise to carry out a competent after builders cleaning. Being fully trained and supplied with the most modern cleaning equipment, they will work hard and make your home clean and sanitised again.

    You can count on us to clean your home after some small repairs or a big renovation project. We are flexible and ready to handle any job. Our qualified cleaners know how to deal with every situation and eliminate all kind of persistent stains, left by the builders.

    Thorough after builders cleaning

    after builders cleaningIn our cleaning package are included all must-do procedures in a renovated property. Once our diligent cleaners are in your home, they will clean the entire kitchen, hoover the carpets and wash the hard floors, sanitise the bathroom and scrub the tiles, remove the dust from all surfaces and furniture, wash the internal windows, clean the skirting boards and much more.

    Our special offer for you includes:

    • High-quality after builders cleaning at a price that you can actually afford
    • A variety of free weekend appointments
    • Quick reply to your request in the entire Hampstead
    • Professional cleaning materials
    • Plenty of friendly and helpful call centre representatives at your disposal around the clock

    Everyone in Hampstead, who is searching for competent after builders cleaning services is welcome to contact us. We have enough of professional cleaners and will send a couple of them to your address right away. Dial our number and take the best care of your home.

    How our After Builders Cleaning works

    To be able to properly enjoy your newly refurbished property, you must perform a deep cleaning right after the building crew. This may be a task, too complicated for a single person. If you lack the time, tools or products to perform it, schedule an appointment with our company. We offer high quality after builders cleaning solutions performed by expert technicians using top quality products and equipment. They will scrub and deep clean the entire flat and no signs of dust, grime and waste will be left behind. The cleaning experts will ensure that the home is clean, organised and ready for your return. We guarantee the high quality of the final results so give us a call and trust us with this task. Find all activities that will take place at your home listed below.

    1. The cleaning process itself will begin only after all rubbish has been removed from the entire property. This will be the first step of the process.
    2. Next, all furniture, high areas and other dirty surfaces will be swept and wiped down. The cleaning experts will be using the high grade tools and products we supply them with. That way, all fine dust will be eliminated and everything will be left spotless and immaculate.
    3. Even if your furniture is covered with a protective layer, dust and filth will find their way to their surface. Following that, our cleaning professionals will uncover them and thoroughly wipe them down using cleaning chemicals appropriate for the materials at hand. Grime, paint splatters, and stains will all be removed.
    4. The cleaning professionals will then remove concrete splashes of paint stains from hard surfaces (such as tile or metal). After gently removing the solid particles, they will clean and polish the entire surface using suitable for the particular materials products.
    5. Our professionals will use specialised vacuum cleaning devices to complete the next step of the process. All carpets, upholstery, curtains and rugs will be hoovered from all sides. By doing this, we will ensure no dust or irritants are left in the apartment.
    6. Ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other household appliances will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The cleaners will remove all stains and grime.
    7. At the completion of the service, our cleaning specialists will fully disinfect the whole property, including door knobs, appliance buttons, light switches, and remote controls, among other things.

    Quick and simple way to book

    Waste no time, give our office representatives a call (they are available every day of the week) and schedule a professional after builders cleaning service whenever the mess after your renovations is too big for you to take care of by yourself. We will provide you with a top notch cleaning solution that will be perfectly tailored to your needs. Ensure that you provide your booking agent with as much information as possible – this will help them understand the circumstances better and allow them to prepare the perfect service for your needs. You may rest assured that your apartment will be in good hands and that you will be provided with some of the best outcomes by the cleaning experts which will use the tools and products we provide them with. We guarantee the success of the project.

    Our satisfied clients

    “Dealing with the dirt and dust which were everywhere once we were done with the renovation of my house was quite difficult. A friend of mine, however, suggested me to try the after builders cleaning service of this company and I must say that this was a very smart decision. The service of this company gave my home a spotless look in an instant. – Eleanor“

    “Making enough time for the post renovation cleaning was impossible and this is why I decided to give this company’s after builders cleaning service a try. The professional cleaners who came to my home were wonderful people who knew how to effectively tackle every trace of dirt and industrial dust. – Mark“

    “I never imagined the mess after a construction to be this tough to handle. Once I bumped with the problem of industrial dust flying all over my house, I decided to book the after builders cleaning service of this company and I am very glad that I did. The professional cleaners cleaned my entire home to perfection and it took them very short amount of time to do so. – Jackson“

    Our company is always ready to lend you a hand with the cleaning of the mess which builders tend to leave behind. As exciting as house remodeling can be, the dirt and dust which spread across the entire area of your home can be pretty annoying. This is why recommend you to hire our professional after builders cleaning service and forget about all your worries.

    We are confident that we are the only company in Hampstead which provides such excellent cleaning service and we are ready to prove you that we can handle all the mess in a very quick manner.