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    If you are looking for a professional cleaning services just after the renovation of your home or office is finally over, we invite you to take advantage of our after builders cleaning services. We collaborate with the most experienced and skilled cleaners who are capable of cleaning any premise as long as it is located somewhere in Brixton or nearby areas. You can book us at any time since we are open from Monday to Sunday. We are already expecting for your call.

    Thanks to our professionalism and individual approach we can meet all of your needs and even exceed your expectations. We can guarantee you that you can never go wrong for choosing our after builders cleaning services. We are more than worth it, give us a call for a booking and we will prove it to you.

    Unique after builders cleaning services in Brixton

    after builders cleaning servicesUnlike other companies, we are available seven days of the week, no matter whether it is a weekend or a bank holiday, we are open.

    We can schedule your booking to fit your convenient time and our cleaners will come just on the dot. Few hours later, you will be able to enjoy your shined home. Guarantee.

    When our cleaners come to your property, they will do anything in their power to provide you with the desired results. They are reliable and insured, all of them have passed training programmes which enable them to operate with highly advanced cleaning materials and tools. They are able to leave your home sparkling.

    We have got the power

    after builders cleaningWhen you book with us, you provide your home with the delicate care it deserves. We are available for residential properties or commercial premises. We supply our cleaners with the necessary professional cleaning equipment so there is no need to worry about anything when choosing us.

    Just right after you are done with the repairs or bigger renovation projects, get in touch with us to assist you with the big cleaning after it. We can eliminate all the unpleasant smells and pesky stains no matter of their nature. You can book us from anywhere in Brixton.

    How our After Builders Cleaning works

    If you intend on performing any kind of house renovations, bear in mind that the building crew will leave a lot of dust, filth, and rubbish behind. Not only are they difficult to clean (especially if you are busy with other things), but they can also be harmful and cause health problems. To remove them, all surfaces and places must be thoroughly cleaned, polished, and disinfected. Book our after builders cleaning service to save time and effort. A team of skilled, well equipped cleaning professionals will arrive and handle everything. They will use high-quality tools and materials to remove any traces of dust, dirt, and other deposits. Make an appointment with us today – we guarantee that the final results you will receive from us will be of the highest quality. Here is a list of all activities included in the service:

    1. Our cleaning experts will collect and dispose of all debris left behind by the construction crew before the actual cleaning service begins.
    2. The fine dust that ended up all over the flat will be removed next. The cleaning experts will use the professional grade tools and products to get rid of all grime from all high surfaces, tops of furniture and other areas. Everything will be dusted, wiped down, polished and disinfected.
    3. Dust, filth, stains, and splatters may accumulate on every piece of furniture in the apartment. To ensure that everything has been thoroughly taken care of, the cleaning professionals will continue the service by cleaning the furnishings in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. Everything will be disinfected, and wiped down.
    4. Tiles, grout and concrete will be cleaned of splashes, stains and other grime that ended up on them. They will be thoroughly scrubbed and polished. Depending on the materials – wood, tile, metal or stone, the cleaning professionals will use products that will not harm the surface.
    5. The professionals will carefully hoover all carpets and upholstery. They will utilise the professional quality hoover cleaning devices we provide them with to ensure that no dust or filth has been left on the carpet/upholstery fibres.
    6. Following that, the cleaning professionals will remove stains from appliances in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and other parts of the home.
    7. Everything will be disinfected – door handles, light switches, appliance buttons and other commonly handled items, as well as items that have suffered staining during the procedure.

    Quick and simple way to book

    If you are looking for a professional team to help you with the cleaning after your renovations have been done, give us a call and book our amazing services. Our office agents are available 7 days a week and will send the most suitable cleaning team for the job. Our cleaning experts will use the professional tools and products we supply them with and ensure that all tasks at your property have been performed efficiently. They will follow a task list that will be personalised for you and your particular needs. Make sure you answer all of the questions our office representatives ask you – that way you will help them understand what is best for your particular circumstance. Waste no time, give us a call and receive professional help – we guarantee amazing outcomes so trust us with this task.

    Our satisfied clients

    “I love renovations, that’s why I constantly change the interior of my apartment. Well, it’s also thanks to you guys, who help me clean up after the renovations, of course. I love your cleaning company because your personnel is diligent and friendly. I recommend you to all of my friends – William”

    “What I love about your after builders cleaning team is the fact that your services are affordable. You guys are absolutely amazing! The results your leave are more than satisfying. I can rest assured that my home is toxic-dust free and I can enjoy the recently renovated apartment – Paul”

    “The reason why I booked your cleaning company was the fact that, to be honest, I have no idea how am I supposed to do an adequate after builders cleaning myself. Your team, on the other hand, is familiar with all specifications around after builders cleaning. You give great results and I love it – Alan”

    Our services will solve your cleaning problem easily and in no time, because we are professionals in the cleaning sphere and our experience in it is more than big. We will be glad to help you with the after builders cleaning and if you decide to be our customer, you can always get in touch with us anytime as long as you live in Brixton.

    We will clean your property according to the highest standards and also according to your requirements of course. We assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with the job done!