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    Are you looking for professional after builders cleaning services to help you get the cleaning job done instead of you? You had your home refurbished but now what? Clutter, waste, stains, dust, paint marks all over the walls and floors? Let us help you.

    We are offering you to benefit from our after builders cleaning services which are practically priced and affordable. You can find us anywhere in Walworth, we are already waiting for you. Please do not hesitate to provide your home with immaculate cleanliness.

    At our company you can find everything you have been looking for- economical prices, excellent results, professional cleaners and much more. To see for yourself, you only have to dial one of our numbers or meet us in person in one of our offices all around Walworth.

    Impeccable after builders cleaning services in Walworth

    after builders cleaning servicesYou can enjoy the numerous benefits our company offers. We have flexible working hours and dates so you can book with us whenever it is convenient for you.

    We are ready for action 24/7. Call us to schedule an appointment and we will send our professional cleaners right to your property. For a couple of hours your home will be impeccably clean. We can promise you one hundred percent satisfaction with our second to none cleaning services.

    Professional cleaners for professional outcome

    after builders cleaningOur cleaners can clean every room and area in your property. They are unbeatable in providing after builders cleaning services, leaving every nook and cranny shined. You can expect only professionalism from us and our cleaners. They are trained to work in an organised manner, without skipping a chore or missing a spot uncleaned. We can take care of everything, you just get in touch with us and you will see for yourself.

    We will clean and polish all surfaces, vacuum and mop all floors, dust and remove cobwebs, degrease oven, de-scale the bathrooms, sanitise and disinfect toilets. After building cleaning is not something which can be done without the necessary cleaning equipment. So rest assured, we will also provide yourself with all the needful materials and tools.

    We are at your disposal seven days of the week, call us.

    How our After Builders Cleaning works

    Renovations are a good and necessary life improvement, but they unfortunately bring along a lot of grime, dirt, trash, and dust. Those will be left behind by the construction workers, and removing them will require time, effort, tools, and supplies. The cleaning of all the filth is critical since all the fine dust can cause respiratory problems and other medical conditions. Leave this work to our skilled cleaning specialists to save time and money. They will clean and polish all areas of the house using the professional quality equipment and supplies we provide. The property will be readied for your return, and we promise that the final results will be of the finest quality in the industry. To find out what chores will be performed as part of the cleaning service we offer, check the list we provided below.

    1. The cleaning crew will begin by collecting every bit of waste, larger debris, rubbish, and other waste pieces from throughout the unit.
    2. Our cleaning specialists will utilise the specialised equipment and products we provide them with to remove all of the dust that has made its way all over the location. They will use special wipes to clean and polish all surfaces, as well as completely vacuum clean all corners of the house.
    3. All furniture will be uncovered (if protective sheets have been placed), wiped down and dusted. The cleaning experts will use appropriate cleaning solutions that are suitable for the materials of the furniture. That includes bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom pieces.
    4. Solid surfaces (in the kitchen and bathroom, for example) will be cleaned. The cleaning experts will remove any paint, concrete or other grime that ended up on the surface. They will use a cleaning solution specifically chosen for the material so no damage has been done.
    5. To completely free the home of fine dust and other grime that may cause irritations or health issues, our employees will use the professional vacuum cleaner we supply them with. They will hoover all upholstery pieces and carpets leaving them immaculate.
    6. All appliances will be cleaned, wiped down, and all stains will be removed. This includes kitchen appliances, washing machines, and other devices.
    7. Last but not least, the qualified experts will thoroughly disinfect all commonly handled items throughout the entire home. They will sanitise door knobs, handles, buttons, switches, remote controls, etc.

    Quick and simple way to book

    To receive professional help with the deep cleaning of your home after having refurbishments done, give our customer support centre a call and schedule an appointment with one of our office agents. They will guide you through the booking process and ask you a few questions about the size and condition of the apartment. Make sure you answer them as best as you can since that will help them organise the best, most suitable for your service. Everything will be personalised and all your requests will be taken care of. Our office agents will assign the best cleaning crew for the job and supply them with all the equipment and cleaning solutions that will be needed for the service. Do not hesitate to give us a call – our customer support office is open 7 days a week and you will receive answers to all your questions.

    Our satisfied clients

    “I loved this after builders cleaning service a lot because the price I had to pay was within the reasonable limits. What is even more, the cleaning technicians that visited me were kind and disciplined. They brought cleaning equipment and took care of all builders waste very promptly.- Patrick”

    “I was very satisfied with your after builders cleaning services that I book for such an economical price. I am here to thank you and your cleaners for achieving such high results. They managed to cover the entire property and even took extra time to the more stubborn stains.- Timmy”

    “I would never hesitate to book the after builders cleaning services of this company. I took advantage not so long ago and I was happy with it. Plus, the pricing system is so easy and affordable. I am still amazed at how quickly yet efficiently their cleaners worked. Thanks!- Sheryl”

    If you are trying to see the results of your recent home remodeling but the huge mess which the builders left behind is too overwhelming, you can always rely on our company to tackle every trace of dirt so you don’t have to.

    We assure you that the best way to get rid of the annoying industrial dust is to have professional cleaners handle the cleaning. You can be certain that our after builders cleaning service is the best one in Walworth and it can give your home an amazing look in no time. We hope that you will give us a chance to prove you our excellence.