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After Builders Cleaning £18/h

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    Wondering what’s the most time-consuming type of cleaning? Don’t – it’s the after builders cleaning. If you’ve ever done a renovation of your home, you know what we’re talking about.

    After a home renovation, usually the place is so dirty that there’s dust even on the ceiling. If you want to have a clean and appealing home even after a renovation, you either need to spare a reasonable amount of time for the cleaning process, or call us for the job – we offer professional after builders cleaning services.

    Our after builders cleaning services are applicable throughout the week, including on bank holidays. We are ready to meet all of your demands. We will stay as long as we have to and we won’t leave until we’ve made sure that your property has properly been taken care of. Contact us and book our services, we operate in Maida Vale.

    We promise perfect results

    after builders cleaning servicesWe guarantee you won’t find a more diligent after builders cleaning company than ours. We are equipped with ultramodern cleaning tools and equipment with which we’re able to sanitize your property completely.

    We assure you that we have the best after builders cleaning technicians in Maida Vale.

    We are so sure about it because we provide them with constant training programs specially designed to improve their performance.

    We guarantee that our technicians won’t disappoint you even one bit.

    However hard you try, you can’t clean like us

    after builders cleaningWe are especially proud of our cleaning methods – they are the result of many hours of preparation and research. We now proudly state that we found the key to maximum cleanliness achieved with minimum efforts.

    • Excellent performance-price ratios
    • Outstanding flexibility of service
    • Total disinfection of every room in your property
    • The best after builders cleaning service in all of Maida Vale

    If you don’t believe what we say – call us and book our services, we’ll be more than pleased to prove how good we really are. Call us and book our professional after builder cleaning services today. We are situated in Maida Vale. We promise you won’t regret choosing us.

    Maida Vale Useful Information

    Mere woodlands owned by the Bishop of London up until the late 18th century, modern day Maida Vale is nothing like what it once was. Described by locals as a classy and convenient residential area, Maida Vale made us consider to move in. The first thing that caught out attention was how well-connected the district is – its tube can get you to the heart of London under 20 minutes. The are is also served by buses and Paddington station is just a mile away from the district – for when you want to tour the country.

    Next, Maida Vale made us fall in love with its numerous Edwardian and Victorian houses and buildings. If you are a fan of history and museums, you can visit Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum – the place is dedicated to the person who discovered penicillin. Maida Vale is home to Maida Vale BBC Studios which attract famous musicians all over the world.

    “ I recently had builder come in my apartment, needless to say that the whole place was covered in dust and dirt. I couldn’t clean it by myself, because I work late but you guys made a really good impression on me- thanks to you my home is cleaner than it was before the repair work. – Randy”

    “ Such a friendly staff! I had your cleaners over for an after builders cleaning and I was very pleasantly surprised by all the cleaning chores it included. Your team was very diligent and thorough, the end results you provided for me were excellent! – Sasha”

    “ My apartment was all covered in dirt and dust, but your cleaners were able to make it as if the repairs never took place. I scheduled the cleaning and they arrived on the very next day. The cleaning itself was a total success and I want to thank you for it. – Stacey”

    If your home has recently been refurbished or repaired, then make sure to get in touch with our company to take care of the post builders chaos left there. Our company has long years of experience in taking care of the after builders cleaning. We can guarantee that our professional cleaners will leave your home in a spick and span condition without you having to pay through your nose.

    We make use of high-end cleaning equipment which is the most advanced and powerful on the contemporary market in Cricklewood. You can contact us on any day of the week.