Oven Cleaning Services Highbury N5

oven cleaning services londonMany people postpone the cleaning of the oven. Some don’t have the time and others simply find this chore pretty intimidating.

Yet, if not cleaned regularly this appliance accumulates grease, burnt areas as well as bacteria. For this reason, we advise our customers to have their ovens professionally cleaned once in several months.

Our dedicated technicians have already covered numerous oven cleaning jobs in Highbury. This experience enables them to currently provide you with an individualised cleaning solution that gives you peace of mind and more free time.

For your convenience, we are working 7 days per week and our representative will ring your bell at the first convenient time.

Oven Cleaning Prices Highbury

Oven Cleaning Services Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £45
Double Oven Cleaning from £63
Extractor Cleaning £20
Cooker Hob Cleaning £23

What we offer our valued customers is a professional oven cleaning by the method of dip tank. The technician will first inspect the condition of the appliance and strip it out. After that, they will clean precisely all its components, including the racks and trays. In the end, the oven will be assembled and polished.

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For customer’s peace of mind, our cleaning methods don’t involve the use of any toxic cleaning materials. Our technician won’t spread any harmful emissions in your living space or leave a mess. The service has no time limitation and they will stay with you until every corner of the oven is cleaned completely.

About our dedicated cleaning experts

oven cleaning in LondonEver since our company was established we have been carefully selecting the cleaners in our team. In this way, we are able to gather in one place many knowledgeable and motivated specialists, who understand the importance of professional oven cleaning.

All of them are rigorously trained to use specialised cleaning methods and eliminate easily the unpleasant grease and burnt deposits. We are certain that you will be really pleased with their performance and consider working with us again.

    • Constant availability in N5 and the nearby areas
    • Environmentally responsible cleaning methods and materials
    • Prices that won’t cause you any financial inconvenience
    • Assistance also on weekends and bank holidays without any additional fee
    • Well-mannered and friendly call centre agents always available to schedule your service

    “A week ago I had my oven cleaned using your service and the end result left me speechless… I have been trying for months to make the stains disappear, but no success. Your cleaners handled them all in heart-beat. I have already recommended your service to some of my friends. – Donna”

    More Highbury Information

    With its village feel and lovely open-air spaces, Highbury has been a magnet for Londoners for many years already. The place is well-known for being the former home of the old Arsenal stadium. Situated in a close proximity to vibrant Islington, it is well-packed with art galleries, theatres, restaurants and cafes.

    When it comes to leisure, Highbury Fields offer a variety of sports activities. The main street is lined with designer stores and fascinating antique shops. Highbury may be an affluent area but boasts a strong sense of community. It includes also a number of traditional houses and newly built living blocks.

    The centre of the area is often referred to as Highbury Barn and hosts different events, which regularly bring the locals together. It is notable to mention also the good choice of decent schools and excellent transport links, which appeal to many young families

    “For such a low price you really do an amazing job! My oven has been working so great ever since you guys cleaned it up. It looks good too… no old stains and yellow spots on it, which is surprising considering how stained it was before. – Jenny”

    “You have very capable cleaners! I am very happy with the oven cleaning you carried out in my home a month ago. Ever since my oven has been performing really well. There is no smoke coming out of it and the food gets ready faster. I really think your cleaning boosted its performance. – Jack”

    There is a way you can boost up the performance of your oven as well as improve its look. Our oven cleaning service, located in Highbury specializes in making old, used ovens look and perform as if they were new.

    The secret is in our technicians capable hands- they have cleaned hundreds of ovens from different type and manufacturer, they can disassemble parts from the oven and clean them individually for better, more precise end results. Count on us to make your oven work on maximum, look cleaner than ever and protected from the harmful influence of chemicals.