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    Cleaning a renovated property can be a real hassle if one doesn’t possess the necessary knowledge. It is not so easy to eliminate building residues such as paint flecks, glue stains or grout. If you are searching for someone to deal with the construction chaos left by the builders, you are in the right place. When it comes to professional after builders cleaning, our company is the trusted leader in Palmers Green.

    Working with us is convenient for everyone. Our professional cleaners are available every day of the week and they will assist you at a time that suits you best. Plus, we have a practical price system, so you don’t need to worry over pricing. Just specify your requirements and leave the rest to us.

    About our highly qualified cleaning personnel

    after builders cleaning servicesOur company was established several years ago in Palmers Green with the clear mission to deliver effective solutions and durable cleaning results. Today, our team consists only of vetted and knowledgeable individuals.

    They orientate themselves easily in every property and always ensure an exceptional standard of cleanliness. This couldn’t be the other way round because we organise extensive indoor training.

    Being fully trained and armed with the requisite cleaning equipment, our representatives are able to tackle a wide range of building residue in a prompt and efficient manner.

    In order to sanitise your renovated property, they will carry out an overall thorough hoovering, wash the hard floors, eliminate the thick layers of dust and much more.

    Smart cleaning solutions for the citizens of Palmers Green

    after builders cleaningOur after builders cleaning was tested by hundreds of people already. Unlike other cleaning companies, we believe that it is not just a standard cleaning what our valued clients need. With us everyone is guaranteed to receive personal attention, a service of great value and 100 per cent customer satisfaction. We listen intently to every request.

    If you also want to see your renovated home or commercial premise perfectly clean, don’t hesitate to dial our number. We have the necessary manpower and professional equipment to deliver the exceptional standard of cleanliness you wish to see. Call us and share your requirements with our friendly call centre agents.

    Palmers Green Useful Information

    Palmers Green, a suburban area located in the London Borough of Enfield, 8 miles north-east of Charing Cross. One of the interesting facts about Palmers Green is that this area contains the biggest population of Cypriots which is why it is often named as “Little Cyprus”. It is believed that the area got its name from a family called Palmer.

    The area of Palmers Green consisted of farmlands and a few village houses. Most of the area remained undeveloped till 1902 but then many houses were sold which contributed to the fast growth of the district. Plenty of buildings sprang up all over the area. Some of these building were the Intimate Theatre, the Truro House, Broomfield House and many others.

    Contemporary Palmers Green offers a bunch of independent shops, traditional pubs, restaurants, cafés and many other places of interest. There is an attractive café called Waiting Rooms where you can enjoy some blues music.

    “I fell in love with your after builders cleaning service. I loved how fair your rates were. Your cleaners came to my home right on time and what impressed me the most was that they brought the cleaning equipment. I deeply appreciate your responsiveness and I will use you again in future.- Judy”

    “I was pleasantly surprised with your after builders cleaning services. To be honest, I had some trust issues because other cleaning companies failed me a couple of times. Anyway, you are a far cry from them. I was so happy with the end results you gave me.- Brock”

    “Your after builders cleaners were accurate and got all the job done in a short span of time. I supervised them during their sessions and still, they were so focused and quick. They had cleaning materials and deep cleaned everything in details. I was so happy with your after builders cleaning.- Daniel”

    Cleaning the oven can be a tough task. Due to its everyday use, this kitchen appliance quickly accumulates grease and carbon deposits. Unfortunately, domestic materials are often an unreliable solution. The best way to maintain your oven free of germs is to hire a specialist at least once in several months.

    If you are interested in such a first class cleaning service, our company is at your disposal in the entire Palmers Green. Once in your home, our representative will make a pre-cleaning inspection and after that disassemble the appliance. This enables them to clean entirely every nook. When all components are dry, the oven will be assembled again and polished.