We Deliver After Builders Cleaning in St John’s Wood

After Builders Cleaning Prices
After Builders Cleaning £20/h

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    Your house has just undergone a refurbishment and now it is time to get rid of the unpleasant paint marks and other construction waste left by the builders? Save your efforts and let our company send a mobile team of well trained and experienced cleaners to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and sanitise your home.

    They possess the necessary expertise and profound knowledge to meet every requirement.

    What we have for you is an after builders cleaning package that includes all areas of your home. We are fully aware of the fact that you would like to receive a service of value and won’t let you down. From us you can expect only personal attention and an adequate cleaning solution. We can visit you quickly in the entire St John’s Wood.

    Top-notch after builders cleaning for 100 per cent customer satisfaction

    after builders cleaning servicesOur first priority is to deliver cleaning results that matter in the long run. For this reason, we select carefully the experts, we collaborate with. All of them have prior experience in the area as well as an excellent understanding of customer service.

    Being properly trained and armed with up to date cleaning materials, they approach every challenge with conviction and exceed the expectations of each client.

    The service that we offer you is available in the entire St John’s Wood and includes overall removal of grease and grime, profound cleaning of every room, hoovering and washing the floors, bathroom sanitation and much more.

    Our dedicated operatives delegate their work in an efficient manner, however, your preferences are always welcome. Prepare a to-do list and we will make sure that all of your preferred areas are covered.

    Exceptional standards of cleanliness and hundreds of satisfied clients

    after builders cleaningWith us you home is in safe hands because we have assisted already a countless number of people in St John’s Wood and our efficient cleaning methods are always deeply appreciated. In addition to this, we have a practical price system and reply quickly to every request.

    Our friendly call centre agents are any time at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to call them and ask for more information. We are flexible enough to fit your schedule as well as your budget.

    How our After Builders Cleaning works

    Everybody does renovations at home once in a while. Even though this is important, the mess left behind by the building team may be overwhelming to clean. If you would like to save yourself time and effort and skip right to enjoying your new apartment, give us a call and book our after builders cleaning service. It is always executed by experienced professionals using high quality tools and products. They will efficiently wipe down, polish and disinfect all surfaces and areas of the home. All the fine dust, industrial waste and other grime will be eliminated. The entire property will be left immaculate and ready for your return. Do not hesitate to give us a call – we guarantee the amazing quality of the final results. Find a list of activities that will be performed during the cleaning service below.

    1. We will ensure that all rubbish and debris are removed from the premises at the start of the service. That way we will ensure the efficiency of the cleaning.
    2. The high quality tools and products we provide our cleaning experts with will be used for the next step of the cleaning process. Our professionals will carefully wipe down all surfaces of the apartment, completely removing all the fine dust. We ensure a 100% success rate for this step.
    3. Furniture cleaning will be next. The cleaning experts will inspect all furniture items for stains, paint splatters and other debris, pick the most suitable cleaning technique and solution for the materials at hand and thoroughly clean all of them.
    4. Solid surfaces (in the kitchen and bathroom, for example) will be cleaned. The cleaning experts will remove any paint, concrete or other grime that ended up on the surface. They will use a cleaning solution specifically chosen for the material so no damage has been done.
    5. The cleaning experts will then thoroughly hoover all carpets and upholstery. They will utilise the professional equipment we provide them with to achieve complete dust removal success. Dust and irritants will be totally removed from your apartment.
    6. The next step would be the thorough cleaning of all appliances in the home. That includes staining such as paint or concrete.
    7. The cleaning experts will thoroughly disinfect all areas of the flat that are being handled on a regular basis. That will be the final step of the after builders cleaning service.

    Quick and simple way to book

    Simply phone us and speak with one of our trained office representatives to request a high-quality cleaning service from our team. The customer support agents on our team are available at all times and will provide you with further information about the service. You will be asked a few questions to assist the booking agent you are working with in better understanding your issue. They will select the best and most suitable cleaning team for the project and ensure that the trained professionals have all tools and products they need for the service. The project will be tailored to your specifications, and all of your unique demands and requirements will be taken into account. Schedule an appointment with us to save yourself time and effort. We guarantee that you will receive a high-quality cleaning service.

    Our satisfied clients

    “ After all the repairs we had in our newly bought house, there was no doubt that I needed an efficient and effective cleaning service and I am glad that I chose yours. You cleaners brought all sorts of special equipment and double-checked everything. – Billy”

    “The mess which was left after the renovation of my bedroom was too big for me to clean it on my own. This is why I booked the professional after builders cleaning service of this company and I must say that the cleaners were very fast and they managed to clean the room to perfection in no time. – Donna“

    “I didn’t expect for the mess after my kitchen renovation to be this huge. Thankfully I knew about the after builders cleaning service which this company offered and I booked their help. The cleaners who cleaned my home were true professional and it took them almost no time to handle all the dirt and dust. – Christine“

    At our company in St John’s Wood, we are all specialists when it comes to providing professional cleaning services. One of the most booked services of our company is the after builders cleaning. As most people have no time to spare on cleaning, we are here to help you. Take advantage of our services and we can make your renovated home picture-worthy.

    Our cleaners are experienced in cleaning various renovated properties and will be more than happy to clean yours as well. Seize the opportunity and get in touch with us. You will see how reasonably priced our after builders cleaning services are.