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    The builders have just left your property and now a big cleaning is to take place? If you have no time or desire to deal with this post-construction chaos, take advantage of our impeccable and cost-effective after builders cleaning. We are a well-established cleaning company and our diligent cleaners can visit you in the entire Willesden, Kensal Green every day of the week.

    We have assisted already a countless number of people, delivering flexible and adequate cleaning solutions. Customers prefer working with us because we take their requirements into consideration and always honour our promises.

    Book our professional after builders cleaning and you also will feel the pleasure of working with us. We possess the necessary workforce and cleaning arsenal to satisfy every individual need.

    First class after builders cleaning in Willesden, Kensal Green

    after builders cleaning servicesWith us everyone is guaranteed to receive a cleaning solution in relation to their personal needs and total satisfaction. All cleaners in our team have spent many hours cleaning post tenants and possess the necessary skills to eliminate all types of building leftovers. We organise thorough training programs, which enables them to apply specialised cleaning methods and deliver exceptional standards of cleanliness.

    Once in your property, our skilful operatives will get to work and clean in detail every room. You can count on them to eliminate the thick layers of dust, hoover and mop the floors, clean deeply the kitchen and the living areas, sanitise the bathroom and much more.

    For your convenience, our responsive operatives are able also to work as per your request, so don’ hesitate to share any areas requiring special attention.

    100 per cent customer satisfaction

    after builders cleaningWork with us and you won’t be disappointed. After our performance, every area of your home will be perfectly clean, ensuring the pristine level of cleanliness you wish to see. Our cleaners are competent enough to meet all of your requirements and deliver you a service of great value.

    If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to contact our support centre. We have plenty of well-mannered and friendly customer care agents and they are always available to take your call.

    How our After Builders Cleaning works

    Cleaning after renovations can be an exhausting task to complete, especially for a single person. If you are in such a situation and require help with the chore, trust our cleaning experts. They will arrive with top grade tools and products and use them to deep clean the entire property. They will efficiently eliminate all the fine dust, grime and residue left behind by the building crew. We guarantee the amazing quality of the results so you may rest assured that your entire home will be cleaned, disinfected and ready for you to move back in. Waste no time, give us a call and book our cleaning service. You can find a detailed list of all the activities that will be executed as part of the after builders cleaning service you receive from our company. Do not hesitate and schedule your appointment now.

    1. Prior to the cleaning procedure, the professionals will collect and dispose of all debris and waste left by the builders. That way the home will be prepared.
    2. The fine dust that has accumulated throughout the flat will be cleared next. The cleaning professionals will use professional quality supplies and cleaning agents to remove any filth from all high surfaces, furniture tops, and other locations. Everything will be cleaned, disinfected, and dust free.
    3. Next in line would be the cleaning of all furniture and countertops. The cleaning experts will utilise the high standard tools and products we supply them with to eliminate all signs of stains, splatters, dust and grime. They will clean all furniture throughout the property.
    4. Using special cleaning solutions that will not harm the surface, our cleaners will treat all the mess that occurred on hard materials (tile, grout, metal, etc.). They will scrub the solids, wipe the surface down and disinfect it.
    5. To completely free the apartment of fine dust and other grime that may cause irritations or health issues, our employees will use the professional vacuum cleaner we supply them with. They will hoover all upholstery pieces and carpets leaving them immaculate.
    6. Appliances throughout the flat will be scrubbed, wiped down and carefully disinfected. All signs of stains, grime and dirt will be eliminated.
    7. Everything will be disinfected – door handles, light switches, appliance buttons and other commonly handled items, as well as items that have suffered staining during the procedure.

    Quick and simple way to book

    If you are struggling with the thorough cleaning of your home after renovations have been done, give us a call and book our professional after builders cleaning service. Our professionals will take care of everything using the top grade equipment we supply them with and all you have to do to receive this job is give us a call. Our office agents will ask you a few questions and make sure that the entire service is suited to your needs. Answer their questions and if possible, explain the situation as best as you can (or send pictures). That way, we will know what will be required for the successful completion and will be able to send the best, most suitable cleaning team. The price will also be suited to your needs so waste no time, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us – we guarantee the high standard of the final result.

    Our satisfied clients

    “I had the chance to book this company’s after builders cleaning services last month just after the renovation of our kitchen was completed. Your cleaners came and removed all industrial dust in a short span of time. They worked so hard and quickly that they we done before I even noticed.- Ben”

    “I am here to thank your after builders cleaners. They deep cleaned my entire property in no time at all and now it looks more than amazing. Everything is cleaned and spotless thank to them. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and relatives. Once again, thank you.- Bruce”

    “Your cleaners saved my life. I booked your after builders cleaning services last month because all floors and walls were covered with dust, paint spills and undefined debris the builders left. Your cleaners cleaned everything from ceiling to floor, without missing a spot. I cannot wait to calling you again.- Sebastian”

    Renovating is a great way to boost the aesthetics of your property but every construction project is linked with thick layers of dust and other building leftovers. Our vetted cleaners have vast experience in cleaning post builders and they are at customers’ disposal around the clock.

    In case you have carried out any renovations recently, contact us and we will save you the hassle that comes along as well by providing you with a top-notch after builders cleaning. Our disciplined cleaners will visit you at a convenient time and eliminate the unpleasant construction waste cluttering your home. You can book appointments with us all week round in Kensal Green and the nearby areas.