End Of Tenancy Cleaning Brixton

When you are looking for a cleaning service that is professional, reliable and inexpensive, call our company. We offer many different cleaning services and we specialise in end of tenancy cleaning. We are offering you a very convenient service that has a reasonable price that will not be tough on your budget. Our prices are based on the size of your property and the condition it is in. We will give you an individual price that will be just for you and considerate of your budget.

For Brixton and the area our end of tenancy cleaning service is the most experienced, cost- effective and reliable one. Many people – tenants, landlords, letting agents, etc.- use our service.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat from £79
One Bedroom Flat from £137
Two Bedroom Flat from £159
Three Bedroom Flat from £181

We provide reliable and professional end of tenancy cleaning services which are done by trained and skilled cleaners.


What we are offering you is a customised end of tenancy cleaning service that will be unique and adjusted to meet your needs and the needs of your property and a price that will be designed accordingly to the service that you get and your budget.

You can hire our end of tenancy cleaning service to clean any premise – flats, houses, offices, etc. and we operate not only in Brixton but in the surrounding area as well.

Our teams are equipped with professional cleaning solutions of top-quality. They will clean every room and hallway in your property from top to bottom and will not miss a detail. They will vacuum, dust and polish all surfaces. They will also disinfect the bathroom, scrub tiles and grouts, they will remove stains from surfaces. Also, windows and window sills will be cleaned, light fittings, skirting boards, etc.

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We can help you get your deposit back. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are available in Brixton and our end of tenancy cleaning in unequalled.

    Services We Provide
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Builders Cleaning
  • Flat Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • More About Brixton

    Talking about nice areas in London, it is impossible to overlook the importance of Brixton. Located around three kilometers south from the well-known monument Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, it keeps part of the rich historical spirit of the country. The first thing on the mind of the cockneys is the distinguished street market. Even nowadays many people relate Brixton as the shopping capital of London.

    Morleys is one of the buildings, which is still preserving the reputation of the area as a pre-eminent retail sector. Established back in 1920, this is one of the first department stores. Nowadays, most of its population is of Caribbean origin. The culture of the area is popular with the murals. Some of them represents the harmony between children of different origin. The street party, performed since 2006, is an integral part of the image of the area. It represents the perfect mixture of the different cultural nuances.

    The area started to be at the foreground with the development of the Hip Hop and Rap music. One of the biggest attraction is the Ritzy Cinema and the live music scene. This area attracts the interest of many tourists every year with the perfect balance between modern culture and the heritage of the past.

    “ I didn’t even know my old apartment could look like that! I mean, what you have done with the place is incredible- not only did I got my full bond back, but I also saw a whole different side of the cleaning, as a process. You really did take it to another level! – Bobby”

    “ I hired your team of cleaners and they did the rest all on their own- I wasn’t even present at the cleaning. After, when I saw the end results I was very satisfied with how my old apartment looked all clean and fresh- it definitely earned back my deposit! – Rory”

    Brixton, London

    “ I know that my old apartment was a mess. The place wasn’t even that great to begin with- it was in an old building and there was mold on every corner of the rooms. After your cleaners did a an end of tenancy cleaning on it, I could hardly recognize it. Thank you for the stunning end results. – Trey”

    “ Cleaning was never my strong suit and I am entirely grateful for your end of tenancy service- you stepped up and you were very understandable with fixing up the schedule and carrying out the cleaning in a time that worked for me. I will definitely recommend your service. – Jordan”

    Is it that time of the year? If the answer is yes, you will have to deal with the nasty end of tenancy cleaning if you want to get your deposit money back. If you have went through a move-out before, you know what a time- and effort-consuming task you are about to undertake.

    That is the reason why would like to lend you a helping hand. With experience in the field of end of tenancy cleaning, we are ready to clean your rented home to perfection. Contact us and and book today. We operate in Brixton and we guarantee good results.