Oven Cleaning Services Soho W1

oven cleaning services londonOur professional oven cleaning service is the best in Soho and at the top of its professional field. We understand the consequences of cooking in a dirty oven- they can be numerous with different side effects.

Not only can it affect your meal, weaken it’s integrity and structure, but it can also affect your health and provoke unwanted fumes and smoke with bad odors.

Oven Cleaning Prices Soho

Oven Cleaning Services Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £45
Double Oven Cleaning from £63
Extractor Cleaning £20
Cooker Hob Cleaning £23

We guarantee that your oven is in good,capable hands. Our cleaning technicians have handled thousands of different oven cleaning cases and they have always managed to provide the utmost best end-cleaning results and service.


Unlike most cleaning companies in W1, we employ only real highly-trained and skilled cleaning technicians with years of experience and hard work. Throughout their years of service as cleaners they have mastered their skills and now, better than anyone, they understand how to clean your oven right and to perfection.

Removing burnt and other food and liquid residue has never been easier with the help of our diligent cleaners

oven cleaning in LondonCleaning an oven is not a simple task. Regular cleaning performed by nonprofessionals won’t make for the desired results. You might end up rubbing an scrubbing for half a day and still get unsatisfactory results.

The safest and easiest, also the most effective and efficient way to have your oven thoroughly cleaned is have professional take care of it. If you are a resident of Soho then we suggest you try out our oven cleaning service, it is perfect for the job.

    We will bring our own cleaning equipment as well as cleaning materials and solutions which we guarantee are a 100 percent earth-based and environment-friendly. Given that the use of the oven is to prepare food, we would never use chemicals to clean it and put your life in danger.

    • Only real professionals with years of experience as our trusted cleaning technicians
    • Our working schedule is very flexible and our lines are open seven days a week for a scheduling
    • Fast, adequate, effective and efficient service
    • Reasonable price rates, easily affordable by any family budget
    • We guarantee total and complete extraction of burnt and oil stains

    “I am so thrilled right now. Many thanks to your brilliant oven cleaning service. As long as you keep on impressing me, I will collaborate with you. It is so wonderful to know that there is a cleaning company you can trust. You make my life a lot easier.- Stew”

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    Soho is an area located in the West End of London and is part of the City of Westminster. In the 19th century, it became one of the capital’s main entertaining districts, but in the past it was related to the aristocracy’s fashionable clothing. Today Soho is mostly known as an area of media offices and popular restaurants. Some of the best restaurants there are: “Masala Zone”, “Cinnamon Soho”, “Gauthier Soho” and etc.

    If you are a theatre fan, be sure that you can watch different plays according to your preferences –Prince of Wales Theatre and Prince Edward Theatre are always ready to entertain Soho’s visitors with classic plays, big-budget musicals and etc.

    In case you want to go shopping in Soho, you can do it if you visit Kingly Court, Berwick Street, Oxford Street and others. Be sure that you will find everything you are looking for and you will be more than satisfied with the purchases at the end of the day!

    “Amazing! Your oven cleaning services are more than perfect. Is it even possible? It was so easy to book you, the rates were more than reasonable and your cleaners did the job so quickly. It was fantastic to work with you. I will definitely book you again. Just wow!- William”

    “Last Wednesday I was visited by one of your professional cleaners. He was a very kind young man with a keen eye for detail. He managed to clean the greasy and dirty oven in less than two hours. All the removable parts were cleaned separately. I was so impressed.- Holly”

    Our oven cleaning service, located in Soho, has been operating here for years. We provide deep cleanings to ovens of all type. Old and newer models are both acceptable- our cleaners have great knowledge of the process and the oven’s mechanics.

    They can clean your oven from both inside and outside and boost its performance while doing so. You will notice an immediate change of the working performance of your appliance. Our cleaning has no side effects and its carried out using nothing but earth-based cleaning materials- such a main cooking appliance like the oven should be cleaned using only organic solutions to avoid bringing harm to the consumers.